Exciting Salesforce Updates for March: Quick Hits for Spring 24’ Release!

Spring is the season for exciting updates to the Salesforce platform. These feature improvements and new enhancements are typically rolled out without the need for additional configuration. Let’s take a look at the high-level overview of each product. Experience Cloud: New features in this release include configuring search results layouts with Search Manager to setting […]

The Power of Service Cloud Voice: Revolutionizing Customer Service in Banking

The CRM of choice for Banks and Credit Unions is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. FSC enables Banks and Credit Unions to capture customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, and elevate their customer service experience. One integration, in particular, Service Cloud Voice (SCV), elevates FSC’s capabilities and helps organizations retain and grow Share of Wallet (SOW). Let’s […]

Navigating the Insurance Data Challenge: Aggregation, Standardization, and Maximization

In an era where data is hailed as the new oil, insurance companies find themselves grappling with the challenges of aggregating, homogenizing, and leveraging vast amounts of data. This struggle has significant repercussions, not only on their operational efficiency but also on their ability to innovate and grow. Insurers, particularly small to mid-sized carriers, have […]

Elevating Customer Experience with Einstein Bots

In the ever-evolving realm of customer service, Einstein Bots stand as the vanguards of innovation, ready to revolutionize and elevate the customer experience. Powered by the genius of Artificial Intelligence (AI), these bots are not just tools; they are the architects of a customer-centric paradigm, bringing a myriad of benefits to both customers and businesses […]

Data Cloud: Adoption Roadmap

Enabling Data Cloud in 6 Steps In our previous blog post titled “Why Data Cloud?,” we offered insights into this Salesforce product, dispelled common misconceptions, and highlighted its benefits for financial services organizations. Now, we’re excited to assist you in navigating its full potential through a comprehensive 6-step Data Cloud enablement plan. Step 1: Identify […]

7 Pillars of a Data Strategy

Data-driven Success in Commercial Real Estate In an increasingly competitive commercial real estate (CRE) market, the importance of data cannot be overstated. It serves as the bedrock for informed decisions. This includes everything from property valuations, market dynamics, tenant preferences, and an array of influential factors. By implementing effective data collection and analysis now, your […]

Generative AI and Real Estate

An illustration of how AI is revolutionizing the real estate industry by enabling smart buildings and intelligent property management.

A Solid Data Foundation and Org-wide Strategy is Essential The emergence of generative AI, exemplified by tools like ChatGPT, has captured the world’s attention due to its ability to produce quick and relatively quality insights and content. As this technology gains momentum, real estate executives are beginning to wonder why they don’t have access to […]

First Steps on Becoming a Data Driven Real Estate Organization

Data Driven companies are companies that proactively use data to make informed business decisions. As the PropTech industry booms, real estate companies have access to a wealth of data related to their properties from building systems, smart devices, ERP systems and more. Many companies collect this data but fail to have a strategy or comprehensive […]

Becoming An Agile Bank

Becoming an agile bank isn’t just about a change in your project methodology, but in your business mindset. The ability to quickly pivot to address changing markets and business environments, as shown during the pandemic, are key to being able to stay ahead of the curve.  It is about educating your employees and not just […]

Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins