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Lending Experts

“Fortimize helps mortgage originators and servicers leverage the Salesforce platform to increase revenue, decrease operational costs, and provide a better borrower and employee experience.”

Darcy Rippon, Banking & Lending Practice Director at Fortimize


Lending Accelerators

Fortimize’s Lending Accelerators are designed by industry experts to drive faster time-to-value and equip institutions with relevant and worthwhile solutions. Accelerators include Einstein Chat Bots, Mortgage Calculator, Branch Management, Mortgage Short Form, Whitespace Indicators, Likely to Leave, and Dispute Reporting.

Our Lending Customers

"[Fortimize] presented countless new ideas to streamline major business processes. The finished product is a system that automates tedious tasks, freeing up time that will now be used to drive revenue."

Michael B.
League of Southeastern Credit Unions

“Fortimize showed us more efficient ways to display, use and mine data. The staff was very responsive and great to work with. We are already in the process of contracting with them to do a Phase II to integrate additional functionality and apps.”

Scott M.
Sr VP, Finance and Administration, League of Southeastern Credit Unions

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