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Unrivaled Business Intelligence

Gain access to the information you need to make high-quality data-driven decisions quickly, anytime, anywhere. Leverage the power of Salesforce reporting to manage and track your deal flow, highlight key metrics, and get a 360° view of every deal and every relationship.

“Fortimize did a phenomenal customization job. We threw them very unique use cases and the team was always up to the task. There is NO way we could have created this sophisticated a solution without them … I would have been happy to pay more if I knew how satisfied I’d be with the end result. Fortimize offers a “no brainer” value proposition.”
Mark L, General Partner, Harmony Partners
“Fortimize did a fantastic job customizing Salesforce to our needs. They spent the time necessary to fully understand our business, our objectives of implementing a new CRM software and developing a solution to meet those requirements. Their entire team is highly knowledgeable, competent and a pleasure to work with. We will be working with the Fortimize team again.”
Anthony B, Partner & CFO, Atlantic Pacific Capital
“John and the team at Fortimize worked very hard to help us implement Salesforce for our organization, often going above and beyond the call. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in solving some of our business process issues to make Salesforce an effective tool for our team.”
Amy H, Director of Communications, Ulupono Initiative
“In any implementation process there are dozens of hours on the phone with the team, which is made a lot easier when you have people on the other side who are professional, hard working, accurate, responsive and nice. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a sophisticated, flexible and results-oriented team.”
Melissa C, Founder & Managing Director, African Sunrise Partners, LLC

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