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It all starts with a best-practice driven Salesforce strategy masterminded by our Salesforce-certified solutions architects.

From there, we’ll develop a deep understanding of your business practices and inject it into our decades of experience in financial services. The finished product is a custom-built solution designed to optimize your business processes, boost productivity, and accelerate growth. There’s more too, if and when you need it, including third-party integrations, community development, custom mobile apps, and on and on and on.



Our cloud-based application built on the platform encompasses Investor Relations, Deal, Investment, and Property Management. It’s an 85-90% solution for the Real Estate Industry and easily configured to meet the unique functional requirements of your business. The result for you is a comprehensive, custom-built solution and minimum time-to-value.

Pillar 1: Investor Relations

  • Manage complex investor relationships, including LPs, brokers, and influencers
  • Track investor ownership through funds or deals and multiple entities, down to the individual property P&L
  • Calculate waterfalls and manage investor returns
  • Engage with investors in communities-based deal rooms and provide access to K-1s, PPMs, Quarterly Reports, and more

Pillar 2: Deal Management

  • Scrub deals through prospecting, discovery, tour, underwriting, offer/negotiation, due diligence, and closing
  • Preserve historical knowledge about deals and terms including properties not acquired
  • Keep a watch list of target properties and related data

Pillar 3: Property Management

  • Centralize data from disparate systems and produce comprehensive reports highlighting key metrics around valuation, leasing activity, and operating expenses
  • Drive the leasing process through Salesforce to close new leases faster and reduce vacancy rates
  • Create a high-touch resident experience through branded tenant communities

Custom App Development

We develop cutting-edge mobile apps for our clients that take the power of Salesforce to a whole new level. And they’re more than just apps. They are client experiences. That’s why we partner with you to design truly unique experiences that set you apart and transform the way you engage with your audience.

Customer Success: Stonehenge

This real estate management company’s objective was to build a mobile app that would improve the tenant experience and help differentiate itself from competitors. Our solution was a mobile experience that redefined the term “community”. Watch the Video.



We’ll help you make Salesforce even more powerful through integrations with third-party platforms. Our solutions architects are top-notch when it comes to designing complex integrations to give you the data that you need where you need it.

Sync with systems that are essential to your daily work routine such as Microsoft® Outlook®. Easily access and collaborate around your files directly from Salesforce through integration with your document storage platform. Turn Salesforce into a more comprehensive reporting tool by sharing data with best-of-breed accounting platforms like Yardi and Sage. Coordinate your sales and marketing strategies more effectively by integrating with first-rate marketing automation platforms like Pardot.

Your business just runs better when everything is working together.


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Our Salesforce and Pardot certified consultants have both the technical expertise and marketing experience to ensure you realize the full potential of your marketing automation platform. Download our Quickstart Brochure to learn more.


A Tailored Approach

Whether you’re a long time Salesforce user looking to harness the full power of the cloud or a brand new adopter determined to get off on the right foot, we’ll bring you the apps, integrations, solutions, and best-practices you’ll need to customize, mobilize, modernize, and optimize your business.

Ready to See More?

There’s a lot more to say about the solutions that we provide, but we think it’s best to do it on a more personal level. We’d love to show you a demo that is tailored to your business and your unique needs. If what we have to offer sounds like something that can help your business grow, let us know by filling out the demo request form. We look forward to sharing our solutions with you.

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