Exciting Salesforce Updates for March: Quick Hits for Spring 24’ Release!

February 29, 2024


Spring is the season for exciting updates to the Salesforce platform. These feature improvements and new enhancements are typically rolled out without the need for additional configuration. Let’s take a look at the high-level overview of each product.

Experience Cloud:

New features in this release include configuring search results layouts with Search Manager to setting different site-level spacing values for desktop and mobile. These updates offer increased control and customization options.

Lightning App Builder:

Take advantage of new features like adding fields from related objects to dynamic pages and setting the visibility of fields by device. These enhancements provide users with greater flexibility in designing intuitive user interfaces tailored to their specific needs.

Flow Builder:

Enjoy new capabilities such as reactive text templates in screen flows and the introduction of the repeater component. These additions streamline the user experience, enabling seamless interaction and data entry without the need for multiple screens.

Dashboards and Reports / Intelligence View:

Add images and rich text to dashboard tiles and rearrange multiple Lightning report columns at once. Additionally, intelligence views for accounts, leads, and contacts provide users with comprehensive insights and actionable data at their fingertips.

Retiring Features and Enforced Changes:

As Salesforce looks toward the future, it bids farewell to outdated features like Salesforce for Outlook and Inbox Mobile, while enforcing changes like the adoption of ICU Locale Formats. These changes aim to streamline processes and ensure a consistent user experience across the platform.
Empowering organizations with enhanced customization options, streamlined workflows, and actionable insights, the Spring ’24 Release enables more efficient work on the Salesforce platform through Data + AI + CRM + Trust.

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