The Power of Service Cloud Voice: Revolutionizing Customer Service in Banking

February 20, 2024


The CRM of choice for Banks and Credit Unions is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. FSC enables Banks and Credit Unions to capture customer interactions, manage sales pipelines, and elevate their customer service experience. One integration, in particular, Service Cloud Voice (SCV), elevates FSC’s capabilities and helps organizations retain and grow Share of Wallet (SOW).

Let’s explore what Service Cloud Voice is and how it improves front and back-office collaboration, putting the customer/member first.

What is Service Cloud Voice?

Seamlessly integrating telephony capabilities into the Salesforce ecosystem, SCV is an interaction layer for your customer service agent to be able to resolve customer calls with more relevant information at their fingertips and resolve faster.

Real-Time Call Transcription

In the banking sector, clear communication is vital. SCV’s Real-Time Call Transcription captures customer interactions, aiding in immediate understanding and providing a reliable record for analysis. This feature enhances service quality by ensuring accuracy and precision in financial conversations.

Service Cloud Einstein

Banking transactions often involve nuanced discussions. Service Cloud Einstein steps in as a tool for analysis, offering relevant information to banking professionals. This feature streamlines responses, providing practical support in addressing customer queries and financial concerns with informed guidance.

Phone Integration

Seamless telephony integration is essential for efficient banking operations. SCV facilitates integration with options like Amazon Connect or BYOT. For banking, embedding the phone into digital channels ensures customers connect with the right agent swiftly, receiving contextual financial information promptly for a more personalized service.

Efficient Resolution

Efficiency is a cornerstone in banking customer service. SCV’s Efficient Resolution becomes a tool for agents, aiding in problem-solving by displaying controls and summary notes with recommendations. In a banking context, this means addressing financial inquiries swiftly, ensuring customers receive timely and accurate assistance.

Agent Assists

In banking, agents need more than assistance; they require guidance for crucial financial decisions. SCV’s Agent Assists empowers agents with personalized recommendations during calls. Post-call insights identify trends, aiding coaching efforts and reducing case resolution times, contributing to informed decision-making.

Enhanced Coaching

Supervision in banking goes beyond monitoring; it involves adherence to regulations and continuous improvement. The Omni Supervisor feature equips banking supervisors with tools for coaching and training. Complete visibility into agent capacity across channels aligns with the stringent requirements of the banking industry, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Beyond Calls

Banking relationships extend to various communication channels. SCV’s flexibility with live chat and messaging features is crucial. In the banking sector, this translates to engaging with customers securely on preferred platforms, offering 24/7 support with AI-powered chatbots for prompt responses to banking queries.


SCV allows Banks and Credit Unions to tailor the customer experience, remove the guesswork from the customer support staff, and provide the tools necessary to build a unique and exceptional journey for their customers. This suite of tools is not just a product; it’s a flexible platform designed to support YOUR Banking and Credit Union customer service needs.

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