Offering Salesforce and Data & Analytics Support Custom to Your Business Needs

Growing your business with smart and flexible resources

At Fortimize, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the complexities of technology and data. As your business grows and faces the evolving landscape of Financial Services, Real Estate, and Insurance industries, we understand the need for customized support to meet your goals and business outcomes. This is why Fortimize’s comprehensive support service is essential for a growing business to scale effectively. We are here to assist you in maintaining, optimizing, and expanding your Salesforce platform to align with your unique organizational and operational needs.

What is Support?

Fortimize Support uses a ticketing-based system structured as a consulting engagement with prepaid hours and an agreed-upon timeline. Unlike fixed-scope arrangements, this model allows clients to prioritize and address their business needs as they arise. What sets Fortimize Support apart is the access it provides to top industry experts in Financial Services, Real Estate, and Insurance. Our consultants specialize in scaling and maximizing the Salesforce platform, ensuring your business receives the expertise needed to improve and enhance operations.

Fortimize Support Services

Our Fortimize Support team offers a comprehensive array of services, including:


For both end-users and administrators.

Custom Configurations

Tailored Salesforce configurations and development.

Reports and Dashboards

Development of comprehensive reports and dashboards.

Regular Touchpoints

Best practice guidance and system reviews for Administrators.

Salesforce Releases

Implementation of relevant updates and highlights from Salesforce releases.


Addressing errors and bugs across configurations, code, integrations, and more.

Why Fortimize

With over a decade of Salesforce expertise, We recognize that every business is at a different stage in their Salesforce and data & analytics journey. Whether you are transitioning from an implementation or DaaS project with a professional services team, or joining us as a new client, we are committed to partnering with you. Our goal is to understand your immediate business needs and guide you toward achieving your objectives. Fortimize Support provides a flexible approach and access to a vast network of consultants, all at an affordable rate.

Contact us today to realize the full potential of your business with Fortimize’s support solutions!


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