Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator – Built for Deal Makers Managing Pipeline & Data through Salesforce

April 12, 2024


Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator on Salesforce is a pre-built solution for deal makers and their teams to manage pipeline data, deadlines, and tasks. The solution is built by former Real Estate executives to cater to firms in need of clean and visible data, cross-department collaboration, and a quick, frictionless implementation.

In the crowded space of Real Estate pipeline management solutions, Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator separates itself for one primary reason: it is built on the world’s most robust CRM, Salesforce.

With Salesforce as the powerful engine behind it, Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator affords customers the flexibility of the pre-built solution, or configure part (or all) of the solution to their own needs.

The turn-key solution includes:

  1. Transactions Pipeline Management: Enable dealmakers to collaborate on acquisition, disposition and financing efforts, with custom deal stages, configurable processes and page layouts, document capture, and prebuilt pipeline reports
  2. Accounts & Contacts: Seamlessly capture communication with capital partners, brokers, owners, legal, and guarantors with the industry’s most powerful CRM.
  3. Tasks & Checklists: Navigate a tailored task checklist at each opportunity stage, automating task assignments to bolster accountability and meet deadlines.
  4. Deal Screenings & Approvals: Tailor approvals based on deal amounts, create notifications for on-the-go deal approvals, and designate delegated approvers.
  5. Self- Service Reports & Dashboards: Get an accurate reflection of your transaction portfolio with self-service reports and simple dashboards, allowing for transparency and reduction of data mistrust by key stakeholders.

By leveraging a pre-built Salesforce solution, customers get the unique benefit of a no-frills turn-key solution, with the flexibility to configure the solution based on feedback from the business users.

Companies looking for a pipeline management solution also chose Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator because of the ability to grow the platform within other areas of the business. These areas could include:

  • Fundraising and Investor Relations
  • Investor Portal
  • Marketing automation
  • Integration to 3rd party data feeds (Reonomy, Compstark, Cherre, Costar, etc)
  • Integration to ERP (Yardi, MRI, Entrata)
  • Leasing
  • Property Management and Service
  • Analytics

We understand that the deal makers and their teams cannot afford the time commitment of an extensive technology implementation. Implementing Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator is specifically designed to be installed quickly. With our agile process, Fortimize installs the accelerator, migrates your existing data and makes configuration changes through rapid feedback from the business users prior to deployment.

Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator can help avoid recurring licensing costs associated with additional property acquisition tools and save months of development time. Our solution reduces costs and build time by 35 to 45%, enabling you and your team to focus on what your business needs – deepening your relationships and accelerating deal flow.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about Fortimize’s Deal Management Accelerator on Salesforce and our customer success.

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