Streamlining Real Estate Operations: The Fortimize Solution for Salesforce-MRI Integration

February 20, 2024


In our extensive experience working on real estate technology transformations, it is clear that data flow between Salesforce and the ERP is a significant challenge. The deal teams want to live as a sales tool, the finance teams want to live in their ERP, and both rely on customer and financial data that sits in multiple systems. Ultimately, the technical complexities, the implementation cost and the data distrust have left companies searching for an enterprise integration solution to seamlessly connect their Salesforce and MRI data. Through our industry experience and technical capabilities, Fortimize has developed a Salesforce – MRI accelerator solution to address this integration need.

Our Relevant Industry Experience

At Fortimize, we bring over a decade of specialized experience, working extensively with real estate owners and operators aiming to bridge the gap between Salesforce and MRI. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of both platforms, we’ve crafted a reusable, cloud-native solution designed to effortlessly synchronize Salesforce and MRI.

A Solution Accelerator Crafted from Expertise

Our MRI connector solution, paired with our Commercial Leasing Accelerator, is the result of numerous successful implementations. Recognizing the strengths of MRI for tracking financials, lease data, rent rolls, and suite details, and Salesforce as a premier CRM for managing prospects, deals, and acquisitions, we seamlessly connect these systems. This accelerator allows for automatic data transfer upon deal closure, syncing building and suite information for a real-time occupancy view, and generating insightful reports on leases, tenants, and upcoming milestones.

Empowering Your Teams Without Complexity

This solution empowers various teams within your organization, including:

  • Leasing
  • Lease Administration
  • Tenant Coordination
  • Legal and Approvals
  • Construction
  • Accounting
  • Acquisitions/Dispositions

Built on Salesforce’s flexible foundation and the MRI Information Exchange framework, it’s poised for future extensions to support integrations for acquisition and disposition, budgets and forecasting, as well as accounts and contacts.

Integration Made Simple

Implementing this integration is a straightforward process. Starting with the Fortimize Commercial Leasing Accelerator as the foundation for your Salesforce CRM, or seamlessly adding it to your existing Salesforce solution, the process involves installing the MRI Integration accelerator, reviewing standard data mappings, and customizing as needed. Our consultants are dedicated to providing comprehensive demos, training sessions, and personalized support to tailor the solution to your organization’s unique needs.

Value-Driven Benefits

By choosing Fortimize, you’re not just integrating systems; you’re avoiding recurring licensing costs associated with additional integration tools. Our out-of-the-box integrations save you weeks of development time, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution to connect MRI and Salesforce seamlessly.

Embark on a journey to streamline your real estate operations with Fortimize – where expertise meets innovation.

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