What CEOs recommend for building lasting digital transformation

Covid-19 created a new sense of urgency that business leaders have never experienced in their careers. Organizations were forced to either go into survival mode or pivot if they wanted to deliver real and sustainable financial results. Some organizations truly understood the meaning of the term “transformation” and have thrived in the new environment. After […]

How you can optimize digital transformation plans

Covid-19 brought a whole new meaning to digital transformation because it created a sense of urgency that business leaders had never experienced in their careers. These major changes had the potential to either diverge from any digital transformation efforts or attempt to turn the crisis into an opportunity.  CEOs have recognized that current business models […]

Accelerate Your Bank’s Digital Transformation Journey with Fortimize Focus

Fortimize Focus is a webinar series bringing together banking industry CXOs and Senior Leaders to learn and solve the challenges of creating the digital bank of the future. Previous webinars:  Accelerating Digital Engagement | October 7 Platform & Technology Solutions Driving Digital Transformation | November 18 About Fortimize Focus The greatest challenge facing the banking […]

Fortimize Focus: Accelerating Digital Engagement Recap

On October 7th our Fortimize Focus webinar series came to life with our first session, Accelerating Digital Engagement. Jim Collins, Fortimize’s new Senior Advisory Board member and banking industry expert, hosted a panel of senior executives from community and regional banks to share exactly how their organizations were able to navigate this year’s challenges. We […]

Is Your Business Prepared for Unexpected Remote Work?

In the ever-developing world of business, you can’t be stalled by the unexpected. Can your team succeed in a virtual business environment? Yes, many jobs require a commitment to be physically present to be performed. But, if your competitors are using the latest technology to work remotely or even semi-remotely, you’re one step behind. With […]

Enabling STEAM Learners With Skills to Code

I was thrilled for the opportunity to teach STEAM to young learners in Brooklyn, NY! STEAM aims to strengthen students’ foundational learning by enhance their critical thinking skills and recognize the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering, and math. STEAM in the classroom gives students the opportunity to learn those skills every day. Inquiry-based science […]

Retiring: Salesforce for Outlook

We are unaware if this will affect your organization, but we would like you to be aware of changes within Salesforce Outlook due to Microsoft ending support. Our team recently uncovered that Salesforce for Outlook was deprecated in the Salesforce Winter ’19 Release. Microsoft is ending support for Basic Authentication access to Office 356 APIs […]