Is Your Business Prepared for Unexpected Remote Work?

March 10, 2020


In the ever-developing world of business, you can’t be stalled by the unexpected. Can your team succeed in a virtual business environment?

Yes, many jobs require a commitment to be physically present to be performed. But, if your competitors are using the latest technology to work remotely or even semi-remotely, you’re one step behind.

With the latest news of the Coronavirus, many companies are opting to allow their employees the advantage of working from home to both protect their health and well-being, but also to enable their business to stay up-and-running at full capacity. Companies that invest in robust digital toolbelts to equip their team aren’t slowed down as dramatically when business restrictions from unpredicted situations come into play.

If your company requires its employees to trek into the office while your competitors are working from home, your business is already in catch-up mode because you’re not enabled with a virtual workplace. Only 21% of IT leaders say their technology maximizes employee engagement, and only 25% say it maximizes employee productivity.

Invest in the right technology to drive your business forward. Companies that win during times of distress are commonly staying disciplined and focused because they have the tools to enable their teams but, this doesn’t happen overnight; this can take years of business transformation. Steer your company towards the cloud to seamlessly drive the business forward without the restriction of location.

When is the best time to start making progress towards digital transformation? Now. No one and no technology is slowing down the speed of your business but you. 

What does digital transformation look like?

78% of IT leaders say that projects related to digital employee experience are a higher priority compared to two years ago. Let’s use the mortgage and lending industry as an example of two ends of the spectrum being stagnated by cumbersome manual workflows and seamlessly transformation by the technology. 

Company A has been in operation for decades and their business processes have been slow to grow with the times. Throughout their lending process, paperwork is printed, signed, and scanned back and forth. Many systems require manual input and closings must be done in person.

Company B is just as old as Company A. A few years ago, Company B began moving it’s business to the cloud. A majority of its process has been streamlined through a CRM platform and integrated with e-signature and a borrower portal.

Which company is going to reduce manual error, speed up loan approvals, and operate more seamlessly in a fast-paced and sometimes disrupted environment? Company B. Regardless of the budget Company B put behind their solutioning, they’re going to thrive in rapidly changing conditions. 

Better yet, with solutions like Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Mortgage for this example, migrating to the cloud and optimizing your business is easier than ever.

Where do I start?

At Fortimize, we’re experts when it comes to virtual work. 100% of our staff work remotely with the flexibility to do work from anywhere. We’re focused exclusively on the Financial Services industry and have been implementing on the Salesforce platform for over 8 years.

Chat with us to learn more about digitally transforming your business to enable your teams to do their best work from their desk, at home, or even at the coffee shop down the street.

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