What’s New for Financial Services in Spring ‘20

January 8, 2020


Prepare your Financial Services firm for the next Salesforce release, Spring ‘20!

Spring ‘20 highlights specific updates for Financial Services Cloud including: 

Enhancing Mortgage for Financial Services Cloud

“Seamlessly connect loan applications in Salesforce to 3rd-party mortgage, point-of-sale, and loan origination systems. The new Mortgage Business API lets you create, update, and query loan application data. Create loan applications from Accounts, with or without related Opportunities.” – Salesforce Spring ’20 Release Notes

Dive into key updates including new Mortgage Lending API and the ability to create loan applications from accounts.

Key Updates to Action Plans

Spring ‘20 gives users the ability to create an action plan template based on existing templates with sharing capabilities between organizations.

Protect Your Salesforce Org with Updates to Salesforce Shield

Updates include Real-Time Event Monitoring Threat Detection (Beta), Event Monitoring Analytics App Improvements, and Platform Encryption for Platform Events.

Learn more about all the exciting updates coming in Spring ‘20 with the official Release Notes and contact us to learn how we can support your ongoing innovation.

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