Fortimize and Riva Partner to Help Enhance the Customer Experience for Financial Services Institutions

November 7, 2019


The financial services industry hinges on the success of its greatest asset, client relationships. In a world where clients expect a more hands-on customer approach, these relationships are what will make or break a firm. And it all begins with your firm’s CRM. With so many options available for clients to choose from, financial institutions need to ensure they are offering the best customer experience in the market.

Fortimize is an industry-specific Salesforce partner that creates financial services CRM implementations built on the platform; and when partnered with Riva, allow their clients to get the exact customer relationship management system that meets – and often exceeds – their organizational needs.

Fortimize specializes in the financial services industry with a focus on banking, real estate, asset management, and private equity; what really sets them apart, however, is that each and every member of their team has a background in financial services. They know their customers because they were their customers.

They understand the intricacies of financial services and the needs of financial services clients, which makes them stand out from the rest. They know what their clients need to make their lives easier, more streamlined, and more efficient.

Fortimize not only walks clients through the implementation of their CRM, but they also create accelerators that act as applications that can allow for unique scenarios, like their Global Alert accelerator which notifies financial services institutions when an ATM is down and how many clients were impacted by that outage; something previously unheard of.

They also work with other Salesforce ISV Partners like Riva to ensure their clients are getting exactly what they need to complete their daily tasks efficiently, and with ease.

Riva is more than a sync solution for Fortimize clients, it’s a data harmonization solution that ensures the data from your core systems – including CRM, email, calendaring applications, and other lines of business applications – are aligned, enhancing the data quality and customer intelligence required to improve the customer journey.

“We are very excited to continue to grow our relationship with Fortimize as one of Riva’s valued partners. Our mutual experience in dealing with financial services clients allows us to provide the best possible solutions to meet their unique needs. We both understand that financial services institutions have stringent security and compliance regulations, and we work together to ensure clients get the same user experience across the board, regardless of their dynamic environments,” explained Dawn Radecki, Director of Channel Sales at Riva.

Don’t sacrifice customer experience for security

This partnership means clients don’t have to sacrifice customer experience and communication for security.

“Fortimize is excited to partner with Riva, putting our clients’ needs at the forefront of our business,” said Pamela Hannett, Chief Growth Officer at Fortimize. “By developing a relationship with Riva, we are simplifying the process of digital transformation for our clients in a field where security and communication are key.”

Hannett noted, Fortimize values the partnership with Riva because of Riva’s ability to assist within our mutual market in overcoming technical debt with outdated mail services and versioning without the need to overhaul with enterprise-wide software updates. One of the challenges Fortimize has seen with out-of-the-box platform integrations is that banking security policy interferes with overall effectiveness and leads to difficulty logging emails. By partnering with Riva, Fortimize is able to offer banks and credit unions a secure and reliable inbox solution that meets the needs of clients’ regulatory standards.

With the dynamic environments that exist within the financial services realm and the focus on security and compliance requirements, it is important to have partners with first-hand knowledge of the issues that may arise and solutions to resolve those issues.

These best practice-driven solutions ensure that financial services business needs are met.

Together, Riva and Fortimize form a powerful partnership focused on putting clients first. The main goal is to set each financial services client up with the solution they need to not only smoothly transition through their digital transformation strategy but set them up for success in the future with flexible, scalable solutions that harmonize the data between their CRM, email, calendar, and other lines of business applications.

About Riva

Riva is a leading data integration platform that empowers customer intelligence.

Over 1,000 organizations and 150,000 CRM users globally trust Riva every day to solve complex integration challenges and significantly improve sales productivity.

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Original article by Debbi Harvie

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