The Benefits of Salesforce Field Service for Real Estate

In the busy world of real estate management, efficiency is key. From unit turnovers to maintenance requests, staying on top of property management tasks can be overwhelming. This is where Salesforce Field Service comes in, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline workflows and enhance operational effectiveness. Unit Turnover Managing unit inspections during turnover periods is […]

Delivering Power(ful) BI Data Solutions for Real Estate Companies

Data Solutions, like life, remind us that the journey is more important than the destination. While most technology initiatives typically start with designing a user experience and work backward to the solution, integrated data solutions in real estate are more akin to how one thinks about life, emphasizing the journey rather than fixating on a […]

Fortimize Implements Simple Solutions to Solve Real Estate’s Data Problems

Information silos and disconnected operations have led to an over reliance on spreadsheets in Real Estate. We believe there is a better way. Real Estate has relied on manual data aggregation and tribal knowledge for decades to make decisions and report results. Why is that a problem? Real Estate firms are being asked to do […]

The Real Estate
Data Maturity Model

A Framework to Analyze Your Data & Analytics Capabilities The real estate industry has experienced a notable shift towards data-driven decision-making. As organizations strive to refine their processes, enhance customer and tenant experiences, and improve business outcomes, harnessing data and analytics provides them with a distinct competitive edge. However, the challenge lies in determining where […]

7 Pillars of a Data Strategy

Data-driven Success in Commercial Real Estate In an increasingly competitive commercial real estate (CRE) market, the importance of data cannot be overstated. It serves as the bedrock for informed decisions. This includes everything from property valuations, market dynamics, tenant preferences, and an array of influential factors. By implementing effective data collection and analysis now, your […]

Establish a reliable Yardi and Salesforce integration

Create a unified view of real estate data for sales, operations, and accounting teams. Real estate ERP systems like Yardi were primarily designed for accounting and financials, not customer relationship management workflow and reporting. In our newest real estate whitepaper, we discuss the benefits of an ERP and Salesforce integration and highlight the challenges, solutions, […]

Generative AI and Real Estate

An illustration of how AI is revolutionizing the real estate industry by enabling smart buildings and intelligent property management.

A Solid Data Foundation and Org-wide Strategy is Essential The emergence of generative AI, exemplified by tools like ChatGPT, has captured the world’s attention due to its ability to produce quick and relatively quality insights and content. As this technology gains momentum, real estate executives are beginning to wonder why they don’t have access to […]

Mulesoft for Real Estate: The ERP Data Integration Advantage, Part 1

INTEGRATING SALESFORCE WITH REAL ESTATE ERPS The single biggest driver of delivering our projects on-time and on-budget comes down to one thing: integration to the accounting system. As real estate firms aspire for a digital, user-centric experience, deeper tenant relationships and smooth handoffs between sales, operations and accounting, a fool-proof, scalable integration between ERPs and […]

The Unexpected Journey | Episode 1

The Unexpected Journey

The Unexpected Journey A new, exclusive interview series from Fortimize, The Unexpected Journey. Join host Dan Vonsover for a 1:1 conversation with one of the titans of commercial real estate, Ofer Yardeni. The Chairman and CEO of Stonehenge NYC shares personal stories from his unexpected journey to building a 25-year career and over $4 billion […]

Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins