Flexible and Affordable Salesforce Support for Financial Services

June 5, 2024


As your financial services organization grows, efficient Salesforce and Data & Analytics advisory solutions become crucial for success. Keeping up with rapid technological advancements can be challenging and requires strategic adjustments to stay competitive. While Salesforce offers the flexibility to adapt and customize your operations to meet evolving demands, having skilled consultants to support the platform is essential. When in-house expertise is lacking or your Salesforce Administrators need additional support, Fortimize’s Salesforce support services are here to help. We specialize in maintaining, optimizing, and expanding the Salesforce platform to meet the unique needs of our clients–banks, credit unions, lenders, real estate firms, insurance carriers, and wealth firms.

Introducing Fortimize Support Services

Fortimize Support is designed to streamline your operations through a ticketing-based system that logs support requests via email. This consulting engagement operates on a model of pre-paid hours within an agreed timeline, offering a flexible alternative to fixed-scope arrangements. This approach allows you to prioritize and address your business needs with access to industry experts. Our services include: 

  • Training: For both end-users and administrators.
  • Custom Configurations: Tailored Salesforce configurations and development.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Development of comprehensive reports and dashboards.
  • Regular Touchpoints: Best practice guidance and system reviews for Administrators.
  • Salesforce Releases: Implementation of relevant updates and highlights from Salesforce releases.
  • Troubleshooting: Addressing errors and bugs across configurations, code, integrations, and more.

Partnering with Your Business to Optimize Salesforce

Whether transitioning from a Salesforce Implementation or Delivery as a Service (Fortimize managed capacity engagement), we are committed to understanding your immediate business needs and guiding you toward Salesforce success.

Upon receiving a support request, our process begins with a thorough review and requirement gathering, followed by an effort assessment. After your approval, we prioritize and execute the requirements in collaboration with your business users to test, iterate, and deploy new features or fixes. This ensures efficient and effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our track record includes numerous success stories, such as mentoring a client’s developer to create a customized Property Acquisition Task Management Checklist. This tool enabled the client’s Salesforce users to customize milestones critical for the due diligence phase of property acquisition, demonstrating our commitment to empowering our clients.

Flexible and Affordable Salesforce Support Services

We understand the demands of maintaining and innovating your Salesforce platform. Fortimize Support offers a flexible engagement model, providing access to a vast and trusted network of skilled consultants at an affordable rate. Contact us today to learn how your organization can benefit from our Salesforce support services.

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