Client Case Study

Efficiency, reliability and performance driven by automation


It all comes down to trust. You have to trust each other—the credit union, and the vendor. The best ones do, so they can remain aligned.

Angela Faust, Chief Administrative Officer, Credit Union of Texas


CUTX and Fortimize made foundational improvements to CUTX’s front-end loan application, significantly improving its reliability and performance. Built in Salesforce and processed via Salesforce/MuleSoft integration, the omnichannel application allowed CUTX to automatically process and release loan applications, as well as automate pre-approvals, credit checks, and calculations for interest rates and payments. These improvements saved countless workhours while enabling CUTX to process an unprecedented number of applications. Fortimize also helped stabilize the credit union’s MuleSoft implementation, adding necessary error handling to achieve a better customer experience.

The Journey

CUTX is a Dallas-based credit union with more than $1.4 billion in assets, serving over 141,000 members in all 50 states. After CUTX’s initial implementation with another vendor did not meet expectations, the credit union engaged Fortimize to identify points of improvement in its in-house loan application platform. The primary aim was to eliminate technical debt while improving the platform’s reliability and performance. 

Fortimize’s Salesforce and MuleSoft expertise was a key factor in CUTX’s partnership decision. CUTX was experiencing errors and downtime with its existing Salesforce-based application, and turned to Fortimize to help diagnose and optimize the platform. Working with CUTX, Fortimize implemented a front-end loan application built in Salesforce and processed via Salesforce/MuleSoft integration. This allowed CUTX to streamline its digital lending with an omnichannel approach—reducing friction among systems and providing a central operating platform for members and employees. Additionally, Fortimize created a configurable solution that allowed CUTX to use this engine to implement other types of applications.

CUTX recognized transparency and trust as hallmarks of the partnership, citing Fortimize’s ability to provide honest feedback, intelligent recommendations, and cost-effective solutions that prioritized CUTX’s success.