Delivering Power(ful) BI Data Solutions for Real Estate Companies

January 18, 2024


Data Solutions, like life, remind us that the journey is more important than the destination.

While most technology initiatives typically start with designing a user experience and work backward to the solution, integrated data solutions in real estate are more akin to how one thinks about life, emphasizing the journey rather than fixating on a destination. It’s not merely about migrating old reports to new technology or finding the right dashboard design for your business. Instead, it’s the iterative journey in between, putting trusted integrated data sets into the hands of business users with powerful tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Salesforce CRMA.

The Challenge…

Business teams face the challenge of limited time, manually pulling together data and reports from numerous systems and partners weekly, monthly, and quarterly. This time crunch poses a real challenge for business teams to learn a new tool like Power BI and to bring technology teams along in business and data operations.

Technology teams are tasked with migrating old reports, assuming it will be good enough or better in newer technology, building business-architected dashboards that newer technology may not accommodate, or designing ideal future dashboards with limited business context driving the age-old question of “what are your requirements?”
This ultimately leads to…

  • Slow to no progress with low return on investment
  • Data definition and trust issues across the business and with technology teams
  • Pretty dashboards with low adoption

How Fortimize Can Help…

With over a decade of consulting experience, partnering with hundreds of Real Estate organizations to design and build data solutions, Fortimize brings industry-specific business and technology expertise in a flexible partnership model to meet technology and business teams where they are in their journey to deliver and iteratively enhance meaningful data solutions.

Fortimize Data Capabilities…

  • Lean Data Strategy: We help organizations quickly develop a roadmap for their journey.
  • Data Integration Automation: We design and build data integrations on technology suited for your organization to automate bringing data together from across your organization each day.
  • Data Management: We design and build centralized data models and warehouses to normalize data across your business for integrated reporting and analysis.
  • Reporting and Data Visualizations: We design and build self-service reporting capabilities, reports, and dashboards in Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Salesforce CRMA.

Fortimize Flexible Partnership Models…

To align on a partnership model that works best for your business and technology teams, Fortimize can be flexible in the following ways to align on the optimal plan, team structure, and budget to achieve your desired business outcomes.

  • Full-time and Part-time Resources: Based on your team’s availability, budget, and timeline, we can align full or part-time people to partner with your teams.
  • Project Implementation and Capacity: Based on clarity of scope, we can deliver on predefined scope or provide a capacity-based resource model to iteratively work through a continuous backlog of work as priorities evolve.
  • Advisory and Technology Expertise: Based on your team’s skills, we can bring industry and technology-specific leadership to guide your journey, overall solution design, and upskill your team, or we can just provide the build team for technology capacity embedded in your teams.

Let’s connect and discuss your data journey.

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