Case Study: Holualoa Companies

August 7, 2016


Industry: Real Estate Investment Trusts

“The Fortimize team was able to understand the complex business processes of our real estate investment firm… Now we can track deal information in acquisition, asset management and investment pipelines, as well as investor and potential investor correspondence and documentation.”

Holualoa Companies is an international real estate investment firm providing return on investment through intensive asset management. Their unique ability to keep tenants satisfied creates high occupancy with low turnover which satisfies investors. Relationship insights are crucial to Holualoa Companies, allowing GPs to invest capital quickly and efficiently. Having reached over $1 billion in purchased real estate assets in 2010 and setting up for the future, Holualoa Companies looked to Force Optimized to ensure maximum deal flow while leveraging their experience to continue providing superior returns.


  • Disparate data sources, decentralized Sharepoint contact databases across Holualoa’s regional and international offices
  • Pipeline is everything, but Office 365 doesn’t provide enough visibility
  • Providing attention to service detail inside the document tornado is very labor intensive: loan paperwork, K-1’s for every property under management come from multiple CPAs have to be sent to multiple investors per property, and some recipients may invest in multiple regional or international properties. Some properties have tax returns and other correspondence.
  • One investor could have 10 different roles, investor, broker, partner, etc. How to efficiently categorize across deals and keep relationship straight which determines type of correspondence investor receives (e.g., Jim is a broker on the Springfield property but partner at the Meadowlake property, he needs different reports for each)
  • All the deals per day that come in thru email are manually sorted by an assistant


  • Create form email templates for various types of document delivery and recipient
  • Standardize investor report per property, able to attach newsletter
  • Shared documents that calculate interest daily
  • Field-level security controls the amount of data users can edit, maintaining data credibility and eliminating unauthorized deletions
  • Integration with Yardi, handling tenants, vendors and rent rolls
  • Business process review determines how Force Optimized can create Salesforce record types that control investor type across properties (e.g., no more intra-office communication required to make sure “Jim” gets only the proper paperwork for each property relationship)


  • Clear and distinct relationship management between Individual or End Taxpayer, Entities, Subsidiaries, Funds, Syndications, Investment Entities, Property Entities, Properties
  • Always accurate reports save time preparing for weekly asset management meetings
  • Email to lead setup replaces labor intensive processes, giving the broker contacts to work with and frees up assistant time to support in other areas
  • Marked improvements in client/investor relationship management and workflows automating internal document processing give Holualoa the 360 degree view necessary to maintain their small entrepreneurial status and take advantage of large opportunities

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