Digital Banking

Competition is fierce for today’s mobile customer.

Thats why at Fortimize, we pre-built a digital banking accelerator powered by Salesforce to help you begin your transformation quicklyThe Digital Banking Accelerator from Fortimize is a best practice use case for banks that uses a pre-configured implementation. With over 100 hours of preconfigured components, our accelerator helps you decrease implementation time while ensuring the use of best practices.

Brand Management 
and Attribution



Banking Chat 

Regulation B 

Branch Management and Attribution

This makes managing branches and realizing valuable reporting metrics easy. Enables branch staff to log into the branch that they are working in, all activities and opportunities are attributed to both the branch and the employee that created them.

Whitespace Indicator

Quickly see what products your clients do and do not have. With the Fortimize Whitespace Indicator, you can visually represent the relationship your customer has with the bank and allows branch staff to easily identify and create opportunities to expand wallet share.

Appointment Scheduling

Online appointment scheduling allows you to provide better customer experience and ease of connection. Customers can easily schedule appointments with the right team member in the right location when they want.

Banking Chat Bots

Pre-programmed chatbots are available for balance inquiry, lost/stolen cards, address changes, and reporting travel activity. Bots help deflect calls and service cases from service teams.

Regulation B Tracker

Access a comprehensive Regulation B report, view applications with a few days remaining, and easily track the status of each individual application.


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