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RPT Realty, a publicly traded owner and operator of 13 million square feet of open-air shopping centers, needed an end-to-end leasing solution that was robust, scalable, and intuitive for rapid adoption by the deal team. In collaboration with Fortimize, RPT made the transition from View the Space (VTS) to Salesforce for all property acquisitions, leasing workflows, and deal support, with a backend MRI integration. This solution improved transparency, streamlined approval processes, and accelerated deal execution, resulting in confident decision-making supported by accurate data.

Being a relationship-dependent business, our vision was to create visibility into our retail tenants and leasing pipeline within one platform, and we have successfully accomplished that. The deal teams are happy, and they are excited to drive lease and renewal activity within the application, all thanks to Fortimize.”


In June 2022, Sam Raghavachari joined RPT as the Head of Technology with the goal of creating an integrated and scalable leasing and acquisitions solution for their deal teams. Having previously led large-scale technology projects for Howard Hughes Corp, Raghavachari knew RPT’s incumbent leasing tool was not a scalable solution capable of consolidating disparate data and systems, including MRI Software, to provide a complete and accurate view of the customer. 

Raghavachari explained, “With our existing proptech solution, the deal team couldn’t perform extensive customization or reporting. It was a one-size-fits-all solution, and that limited flexibility. We required a leasing solution tailored to our relationship-driven deal teams, and Salesforce fits the bill perfectly.”


With RPT’s board and C-suite in agreement, they extended the firm’s existing Salesforce scope and partnered with Fortimize to build an end-to-end acquisitions and retail leasing solution, enhancing the tenant and property lifecycle. Through consistent partnership with the business, an agile delivery process, and thorough user acceptance testing (UAT), RPT and Fortimize deployed a solution precisely tailored to the business’s requirements.

“Fortimize’s agile methodology and rigorous upfront testing during UAT played a crucial role in the success of this project. It helped us identify the product owners, provide them with training on the process, and empower them as the product decision-makers,” shared Raghavachari.


The end result is a product the organization takes pride in. RPT now has a full lifecycle Salesforce solution, spanning from acquisition to lead-to-lease and disposition, integrated seamlessly with their MRI backend system via MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Additional application features include a custom, branded portal allowing RPT’s third-party brokers to log and report leasing activity, and embedded Power BI dashboards on home pages and opportunity records. This provides the Acquisitions, Leasing, Legal, and Disposition teams with access to a unified interface that displays essential lease and property details alongside deal records.

Raghavachari stated, “None of this would have been possible without Fortimize. We were constantly questioning our data in our prior leasing system, and the solution Fortimize built is exceptionally clean. We have established standard operating procedures and best practices for data intake, which will serve us well in the future.”

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