Ponce Bank Unlocks Customer Insights with Real-time MuleSoft Integrations


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Ponce Bank partnered with Fortimize to connect Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Fiserv Cleartouch, and nCino products with real-time MuleSoft integrations.

This solution optimizes processes across various departments and establishes a unified view of customer information, empowering employees to provide personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences.

Recognizing the limitations of core banking systems in delivering optimal customer experiences, we aimed to create a complete view of our customers by integrating various technologies. Through our technology and workflow transformation, we've not only enhanced the employee experience but also extended these benefits to our customers."

Ponce Bank Strengthens its Mission Through Salesforce Digital Transformation

Headquartered in the Bronx, New York, Ponce Bank has been helping underserved communities for over 60 years, and is one of fewer than 40 banks in the U.S. certified as both a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) and Minority Depository Institution (MDI).

Since 2019, Ponce Bank has undertaken a digital transformation initiative in collaboration with Salesforce and Fortimize. Their primary objective was to establish a unified view of customers, enabling employees to deliver personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences of when, where, and how. Seamless integrations among Salesforce, Fiserv, and nCino were pivotal to their strategy and success.

Unlocking Insights: Salesforce, Fiserv, and nCino Integrations

Ponce Bank utilized a variety of platforms within their retail and commercial banking teams. These included Financial Services Cloud (FSC) for customer interactions, Fiserv Cleartouch as their banking core, and nCino products for deposit and loan originations. 

Real-time integrations were crucial for engaging customers with timely and relevant information. To achieve this and streamline processes across departments such as customer service, sales, operations, risk management, and security, Ponce Bank chose the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Collaborating with Fortimize, Ponce Bank reached significant milestones.

  • Connected Platforms: Implemented real-time, bi-directional API integrations between Salesforce FSC, Fiserv, and nCino Deposit Account Origination. This enabled employees to open new retail and business accounts directly within Salesforce, eliminating the need to toggle between multiple systems.
  • Data Flow: Created a nightly integration job using MuleSoft to synchronize data from Fiserv ClearTouch, leveraging Fiserv business analytics reports, and integrate it into nCino’s Loan Origination System data model within Salesforce.
  • Customer Onboarding: Developed custom solutions to automate post-account opening tasks, thus streamlining the customer onboarding process. 
  • Optimized Service through Case Management: Configured FSC case management, enabling branch employees to quickly access a customer’s case history, thereby enhancing customer interactions.
  • White Space Identification: Improved the sales team’s ability to identify cross-selling opportunities by displaying which products a customer does not have, facilitating direct account opening within Salesforce.
  • Debit Card Origination: Enabled debit card issuance from Financial Services Cloud–with real-time updates of critical customer details across systems–addressing the synchronization of contact and address information when updated by back-office teams.

By modernizing their operations and integrating FSC with Fiserv Cleartouch and nCino products, Ponce Bank eliminated information silos and established a unified view of customer interactions and data, including deposits, loans, and account details–despite differences in data structures and functionalities. This solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Ponce Bank’s SVP and Digital Banking Manager, Betty Campiz, shared, “Recognizing the limitations of core banking systems in delivering optimal customer experiences, we aimed to create a complete view of our customers by integrating various technologies. Through our technology and workflow transformation, we’ve not only enhanced the employee experience but also extended these benefits to our customers.”

Cultivating Self-Sufficiency: Ponce Bank Replicates Fortimize’s Scrum Methodology

To equip Ponce Bank’s employees with proficiency in using the Salesforce platform, Fortimize conducted a thorough training initiative. This program included: 

  • Interactive end-user training sessions.
  • Detailed process documentation.
  • Collaborative peer programming exercises.
  • Tailored curriculum for Salesforce Associates, focusing on topics like reporting, user administration customizations, and data management. 


Ponce Bank also embraced Fortimize’s agile project management approach, purchasing new tools to streamline future sprints. 

Campiz further explained, “The Fortimize team found the perfect blend of expertise and adaptability. They guided us in shaping and communicating our vision, offering invaluable insights and best practices throughout. Their support not only helped us reach our objectives but also enriched our employees’ skills, fostering their professional growth.”

Innovating for the Future: Ponce Bank Embraces Digital Banking and Omnichannel Services

The leadership team at Ponce Bank recognizes the Salesforce platform as a crucial extension of their workforce, enriching interactions and nurturing customer connections. As they embark on the next phase of their transformation journey, prioritizing digital banking and delivering omnichannel service excellence is paramount. 

Reflecting on Ponce Bank’s journey, Carlos Naudon, President and CEO, remarks, “Five years ago, our assets totaled $800 million. Today, they’ve surged to $2.8 billion, achieved without significantly expanding our team. This remarkable growth is attributed to our adept utilization of Salesforce and strategic integrations. Fortimize’s partnership has been pivotal in optimizing our operations, enabling us to better serve underserved communities and stimulate local economic development.”

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