Fortimize’s company culture

July 6, 2017


How Fortimize’s company culture positions clients for incredible results

At Fortimize, we know that our clients have one major goal: to see results. We, too, have one major goal: to craft the tech solutions our clients need to see those results.

We understand that the goals are different for each business in the financial and real estate industry. One may want to grow one sector, while one may want to find a way to manage their current clients. No matter what the results may be, we help you achieve them.

Through hundreds of successful implementations in companies across the United States, we’ve found that the best way to produce the desired results is to create an environment in which our employees know that their input directly influences how our clients produce results.

Fortimize leadership is proud of this approach and we develop and build upon this culture for the sake of our clients’ results. We continue to do that every day in several important ways:

  • We empower our employees to build and design the best solutions. We think of everyone who works for us as an architect, designing and detailing just how your vision gets built. Instead of lecturing people on facts, figures and features, Fortimize’s “Solutions Architects” build custom solutions designed to produce the results business owners want to see. Our Solutions Architects, who are 100 percent Salesforce-certified, can confidently and quickly make recommendations and suggest product adjustments based on two significant factors: in-depth knowledge of the industry and a thorough understanding of your business and its goals. By developing strong collegiality with our clients, we come to understand wants, needs and even next steps.
  • Fortimize’s Solutions Architects are empowered to solve problems. At Fortimize, decisions aren’t overruled by management, entangled in red tape or even delayed by time zones (we have employees in all four U.S. time zones for this reason). Our clients are given the answers they need right away, and we’re able to accomplish this because our teams are small. Our Solutions Architects don’t have to run decisions through a bloated hierarchy structure that may be found in bigger companies. This means that the results-oriented solutions are placed directly into your hands at record speed.
  • Our depth of knowledge is unparalleled. At Fortimize, we specialize in two industries: finance and real estate. This means that every single Solutions Architect we hire, not just one person or one dedicated team, has exceptional and incomparable knowledge of these two unique but vastly complicated industries. By digging narrowly, but extremely deep, into one topic, we are able to confidently design solutions that cater to these niches, supporting what your business needs to produce the results expected from the tech solutions it employs.
  • Our team’s collaborative approach puts the best minds on your case. Our architects don’t exist in their own vacuums. They’re constantly in touch with each other throughout the day, exchanging ideas, discussing best practices and getting feedback on the best solution for your business. By expanding beyond a single mind on a case, our clients benefit from the input of many experts, all of whom have spent years solely working with the finance and real estate industries.

The right Salesforce implementation team is an empowered one with the in-depth knowledge needed to design a productive and sales-oriented solution for each client. At Fortimize, our employees work in a culture which empowers them to be leaders, decision-makers and game-changers. Not only does this secure answers for our clients in record time, but it means that they’re getting the best possible solution, as our Solution Architects take immense pride in the leadership mantels they hold. And that, to our clients, is priceless.

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