Achieve Your Goals Faster with Agile

August 7, 2016


Many people within the software industry are familiar with using the agile structure in development because it helps teams create new software products and processes quickly and efficiently. However, the idea behind agile did not start with software.

In a fascinating article in the Harvard Business Review, Darrell K Rigby, Jeff Sutherland, and Hirotaka Takeuchi, agile experts, outline the history of the method, pointing to Francis Bacon’s scientific method as an early precursor. It wasn’t until 2001 when 17 software experts called the “Agile Alliance” gathered in Snowbird, UT to create the agile manifesto, outlining what agile was. Today, all sorts of companies adopt this method for their businesses with outstanding results.

Often, the CEO of a company creates a team of agile leadership to set a company’s priorities, foster innovation, and remove roadblocks. This team owns the end results, sets the vision, and creates a realistic roadmap.

At Fortimize, we use the agile method to implement Salesforce for our clients.  In our agile development process, requirements and solutions are developed and refined through collaboration between our in-house industry-specialized consultants and the subject matter experts at the companies we help. The agile structure clarifies the sequence in which projects should be undertaken by breaking them down into sprints of work where each user story is solved. The sprints are tackled in short, iterative cycles to maximize productivity and to minimize disconnects between team members.

Agile promotes superior teamwork because it ensures clear communication between all of the parties. It also results in quick results, higher engagement from project members, and a collaborative approach that leaves everyone feeling valued. `

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