Tim McCarthy

Tim has been in software sales for a while now, recruiting engineers and later managing large accounts for companies such as Oracle, even leading his own team at an internet startup. Surviving a merger and a company that didn’t survive, he cast about for a place to fit. Fortimize popped up on his radar, and the more he looked at the people and the culture, the more interested he became.

An experienced salesman, Tim had his own sense of how to develop prospects, and what his own goals and expectations were. The onboarding process was smooth, he recalls, and from day one, he says he’s felt supported in developing the ideas he brings to the table. Now that he’s been around awhile, and has had a chance to adjust to his new role, he’s starting to see projects come to fruition, projects that in some cases started with just a phone call. Seeing clients take the step of entrusting their future to Fortimize is rewarding.


Is there a mentor out there to whom you’d be willing to pay for even a ten-minute conversation on the most pressing issue you’re facing right now? That is essentially what a consultant is. Good consultants know that it isn’t about them, however—it’s about the client and their journey. Just as Luke Skywalker dismissed old Ben Kenobi at first, but eventually found in him the teacher he didn’t know he needed. At Fortimize, it’s less about the solutions themselves than it is about how to transform a client’s business.

I don’t think we’re letting any trade secrets out by saying that Tim McCarthy’s sales strategy comes down to inspiring a desire for the mentor. That sounds rather lofty, we’ll admit. At the end of the day, though, Tim knows that the Fortimize team can deliver, and indeed new opportunities present themselves because of the work that Fortimize has already accomplished. It “feels real,” in his words. Tangible value is created and executed, from the inspiration generated with the inception of an idea to the final solution. In his view, once a project gets kicked off, everyone has a role and is delivering value by taking initiative. The best ideas prevail, and the people of Fortimize are capable of the best ideas.


Coming from an inside sales position, Tim is comfortable working things out on his own. Being able to rely on technology to collaborate has some advantages over a more traditional corporate setting. At Fortimize, he “feels more focused, with less distraction.” But, being a lone wolf really isn’t the style in this work culture. “People are always reaching out with ideas, asking about projects to see how things are going, and offer assistance,” he says. If he needs something, people he can depend on are only a video-chat away.

Integrity and initiative are just part of the daily playbook at Fortimize. Tim would recommend working here to anybody looking for that “something different.” For his part, he intends on keeping it going as long as he can.


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