Teresa Sabino


With a decade of project management experience in the IT field behind her, she was facing an impending layoff from a prior company. During her tenure there, she collaborated with Fortimize on a Salesforce implementation project, and was impressed with the team. “They were very nice to work with,” Teresa recalls. In her prior role she had provided references for Fortimize, and so when the time came to begin thinking about what to do next, she reached out to her contacts for a reference herself…and came away with a job offer.

When weighing the risks and potential rewards, the tangible and intangible benefits of a career move aren’t always so clear. In the end, it came down to possibility: “Fortimize is growing, and maturing [as a company]…it was too good a potential future not to take the chance.”


So far reality has surpassed expectation. Though consulting project management is a bit different, she is enjoying the challenge. While not working directly on project “deliverables,” or juggling the many facets of keeping a project moving, she’s learning the Salesforce platform to become more of a subject-matter expert.

There really isn’t a typical day, and the work environment isn’t all that typical either. Working from home offers the flexibility to adjust her schedule if she needs to during the day. Being able to take the time to attend to a family member, or volunteer in the community is worth a little extra effort at different times. “I might be on the couch at eight o’clock at night, you know, working on something, but that’s okay,” she says, not because she feels the pressure to do so, but because she enjoys what she does.

Managing multiple projects at different levels might sound like a daunting challenge, but to this veteran it’s a niche that suits her. When asked what excites her most about her job, she says it’s “when things come together, managing all the different parts.” She describes her small team as very helpful, “a group of smart, hardworking people. They know how to buckle-down, but they also know how to cheer each other on and support one another.” Though team members may be separated geographically, technology makes it easy for teams to connect and execute a project efficiently from anywhere.


Indeed, it is the sense of strong community that she cites as one of the distinguishing values at Fortimize: “It really is a team effort, and that shows on a daily basis.” Another aspect of the company culture that stands out is the sense of integrity practiced at every level. “The company is always doing the right thing, and acting in the best interest of clients.” The corporate values really do seem to explain how people work. “It runs like a well-oiled machine. It’s just what happens.”

At the end of the day, Sabino feels a strong sense of accomplishment, particularly in being able to form relationships with clients. Striving to meet the unique needs of each client, leveraging the collective strengths of her team, a desire to serve people well coalesces. She collects her thoughts in a quote: “Customer service is like tennis, those who serve well win.” And at Fortimize, there does indeed seem to be a sense of being on a winning team. Though still a newbie, she is very excited about what’s in store for Fortimize in the future. Which will very likely be intimately tied to her own for some time to come.


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