Samuel (Drew) Meyers

There’s application development, and then there’s Salesforce development. Think of it like getting the most sophisticated LEGO® set in the world for Christmas…and then having the LEGO® design team come to play at your house for a week. When it comes to optimizing your business, throwing some pieces together from a kit off the shelf just won’t cut it. You need something designed for you. That’s where our Salesforce wizards come in. Meet the master of Salesforce lightning components Samuel Meyers, or as he’s commonly known, Drew Meyers.

Drew came into software development right out of college and promptly got bit by the Salesforce bug. Fortunately for us, there’s no cure for that. He’s been a versatile team member, getting to wear a few different hats, which, he says makes things more interesting. (We won’t argue. After all, so many of us here are problem-solving junkies.) In the interest of pulling the curtain back a bit, we asked Drew to let us in on some keys to success. Here’s a few in a nutshell:

  1. Don’t be afraid to express creativity (development is an artform right?)
  2. Build cool things that actually work
  3. Make solutions look amazing
  4. Make solutions as efficient as possible
  5. Be ready to tackle anything
  6. Don’t wait to be asked
  7. Do your best work…from home

In this day and age developing world-class enterprise solutions takes a bit more than technical savvy. It also takes a willingness to be flexible, ask the right questions, and the ability to collaborate with lots of different people. “During my on-boarding the Fortimize culture was expressed to be closely knit, with open [positive] communication. I’ve definitely experienced that in my time here.” Everyone has a voice, a chance to give input on how to make a solution better, or how to make the company an even better place to work. Leadership listens, and people take seriously the aspect of company culture that values mutual support. Ideas matter here. Anyone can share an idea and make a difference. For Drew, the shared sense of purpose, the ability to talk things through, and the ability to take ownership over his work and be accountable for his part are also important aspects of the job. Essential, one might say, to being able to move nimbly between different projects requiring a uniquely creative approach. Sometimes things can move pretty quickly with interesting challenges waiting around every corner, but this Salesforce developer wouldn’t have it any other way.


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