Jonathan Loiacono

All of our Solutions Architects are tried-and-true, but not all of them started their career as programmers or developers. That’s part of what makes the Fortimize team so effective—the diversity of experience and unique perspectives. Jonathan was a pre-med student learning to chase down patient diagnoses, when he realized the game of Operation wasn’t for him. He got connected with a Salesforce consulting firm and started learning to uncover user pain-points to develop better solutions to systemic business process challenges. Body systems to business systems. In a way, both are organic and dynamically changing.

Taking initiative is nothing new to Jonathan. He learned early on how to seek out connections and create opportunity in order to build a career. Being intentional, knowing how to relate to people you’ve never met, and staying positive make for a great bedside manner, and are handy skills to have when building a Salesforce solution from scratch. As an experienced solutions Architect familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem, another key aspect is knowing when to “stop solutioning, and start solutioning.” In other words, it’s easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty details of technical development, but at some point there needs to be a shift from problem-solving and customizing to implementing and training.

Mapping a solution, demonstrating an approach to a particular business process challenge, and going back to sculpt a solution to meet a user’s requirements in the best way possible isn’t possible without a supportive community, and a willingness to see things differently, learn and adapt.

It takes a village as the saying goes, and in the case of building effective, cutting-edge, “just-right” solutions a collaborative team is important. “Keeping positive and inspiring each other is challenging, but that is part of what I try to do [each day].” Speaking of his fellow team members he says, “we’re all in this together, and [approaching solutions] with that mentality builds a unique kind of bond.” Fortimize is a place where everyone has a voice, and where each person works hard to support others so that everyone can go further.

“Fortimize is in many ways an employee-run company. We have this organic group of teams rather than this sort of tree-like hierarchy. Working at the startup I was with before, there were four of us, and there was no one to tell us what to do. We each just came to work doing what we needed to. It’s hard to work for yourself. Having a manager [can have a different feel], but being treated as an equal is something that inspires me to do my best to succeed.” Hearing a client say “this is just what we needed” when presented with a solution is a nice reward for the effort put into building it. For Jonathan, however, success is defined by a different metric: “I don’t see it as only me succeeding, but as if the whole team is succeeding.”


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