Amy Thibeault

As the HR Manager, Amy is the purveyor of the employee experience here at Fortimize — from the interview process and onboarding to doing the legwork for company gatherings. At times a growing company can feel like a speeding train, but Thibeault enjoys the ability to be involved in the company’s formation in ways she couldn’t experience before in her roles as a contractor with IBM. There’s a sense of direct contribution to making the company what it is. “Everyone’s ideas create what we are. You don’t get that with bigger companies.”

As the Fortimize values imply, ideas do indeed matter. Thibeault has been able to contribute her own ideas on corporate policies and processes, many of which are being formalized and added to the company’s “book of knowledge.” As someone looking out for the employees at Fortimize, one could say she is an advocate, though “steward” may also be an apt descriptor, as in some ways every team member forms part of a living “book of knowledge.” Making sure each person has what they need to do their best is what it all comes down to when building a successful team, and HR is an integral part of that. Team members may come on board ready to work, but it is the little things in orientation that can really make a difference to an employee’s experience.

Though some days might feel like a whirlwind, everyone knows where they’re headed. In terms of keeping the train running, “sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and take on a different role, but we’re a small company and you can do that. We are a team, we’re a family; we all chip in and we all do it together.” In some ways the culture may be changing in the sense that it is evolving for the better as the company grows, but it is built on a solid foundation of values that everyone can relate to and live. “We’re learning how to make it a better company for everybody,” says Thibeault.

So, while much of her work can be done from her home office affectionately dubbed “the bunker,” if you’re new, you will certainly meet Amy in the city when she comes to make you feel welcome. And when projects are in full swing, she’ll make sure you get to be unplugged while on vacation.


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