Fortimize and Lucro Partnership

Lucro is a boutique nCino consulting firm

Started by a former banker and former nCino Technical Director, Lucro blends industry and technical best practices to get the most out of their client’s digital journeys.



Create a digital roadmap

Conduct a digital capability assessment

Build and refine a request backlog

Explore new features and functionality

Perform a vendor analysis


Enable new features and functionality

Redesign existing business processes

Fine-tune system performance

Reduce technical debt


Commercial Loan Origination

Retail Loan Origination

Business & Consumer Deposit Account Opening (DAO)

Customer Portal & Online Application

nCino Org Health Assessment

Lucro’s complementary nCino Org Health Assessment helps Financial Institutions regain insight and control over their orgs.
Their proprietary scorecard scores the four key drivers of org health: Complexity, nCino Configuration, Performance, and Security.

Lucro analyzes the data to prepare a detailed report with clear steps to improving the org’s performance and maintainability.

Unlock endless possibilities

Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins