Transform Your Borrower experience with Fortimize and Salesforce

Working with Fortimize and Salesforce Experience Cloud, you can build a better borrower experience for your SBA customers by digitizing the entire SBA loan process. SBA lenders need to transform manual, fragmented borrower processes into a digital-first, fully-branded experience in order to stay ahead of their competitors. But, for many lenders, today’s borrower experience is filled with manual processes and fragmented communication between borrowers and loan officers.

Through extensive discovery, we help our SBA clients identify desired outcomes, gather requirements and establish a plan to execute the vision. Our banking experts apply their knowledge of the SBA loan process and Salesforce technology to help clients build a better experience.

Today’s Borrower Experience
  • Borrower data is stored in multiple systems requiring loan officers to manually reconcile information.
  • Communication between borrowers and loan officers is fragmented across email and phone calls leading to frustrating exchanges.
  • Managing all the required documents for an SBA loan is often manual and error prone, leading to delays in approvals.
Digital-First Borrower Experience
  • Seamless integration Salesforce Sales Cloud and Financial Services Cloud so you can get a holistic view of the borrower and deliver a personalized experience.
  • Instant credit and employment verification via API integrations (e.g. Experian)
  • Live chat and text communication via integration (e.g. Podium)
  • Seamless document management and storage (Files, Google Docs, OneDrive etc.)

The Fortimize Approach

Fortimize’s approach to consulting with our banking and lending clients focuses on business outcomes and processes. In order to ensure that new technology brings tangible value to your bank and customers, we include stakeholders across your bank to help identify gaps in processes that we then solve with technology.

Benefits For You
  • Time-to-Closing: Expedited responses, underwriting, credit check and funding.
  • Customer data: capture borrower data throughout loan cycle.
  • Operations: elimination of paper, multiple data entry and internal processes.
Benefits For Your Borrowers
  • Digitized experience: Entire end-to-end process done digitally.
  • Quicker closings: Get underwritten and credit checked immediately.
  • Centralized Documents: Single place to upload, store and reference loan/application documents.
  • Full Loan Visibility: Always know where in the process the application is and when payments are due.

Client Story – Top 10 Largest SBA Lender

We worked with our client to understand their desired outcome, business requirements and solidify their vision. Based on our in depth discovery, we identified key areas to address. Our client was using an internal, custom-built PHP loan portal that was not equipped to handle loans beyond a specific dollar amount. Additionally, they accumulated a backlog of work–due to the pandemic and portfolio growth from PPP–and didn’t have the internal skill sets to work through the projects.

We helped improve the loan origination process by transferring the PHP application process to Experience Cloud. Additionally, they consolidated their loan processes by having all loans (regardless of size) run through the portal. Lastly, integrations with key technologies and applications (Plaid, Podium, Experian and more) gave our client a holistic view of their borrowers.

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