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Real Estate

“Being a relationship-dependent business, our vision was to create visibility into our retail tenants and leasing pipeline within one platform, and we have successfully accomplished that. The deal teams are happy, and they are excited to drive lease and renewal activity within the application, all thanks to Fortimize.”

Real Estate

“Fortimize really came to the forefront and allowed us to create a solution that now tracks our leasing pipeline data very cleanly, real-time, and it’s exactly what we needed.”

David O’Reilly, CEO


Howard Hughes

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Howard Hughes needed to access real-time data to make smarter, faster, better decisions. Together with Fortimize, the business standardized their tenant and broker management and leasing operations on Salesforce, resulting in real-time insights from inception to execution and lead to lease.


As an owner, operator and manager of over 3 million square feet of retail space and nearly 100 diversified land and property assets, Howard Hughes struggled with data integrity and real-time insights. A complex data structure and hierarchy led to data confusion and mistrust. Simultaneously, the lack of an aligned, centralized data strategy led to poor data quality and an inability to derive timely, actionable insights.

The first challenge to tackle with Howard Hughes was to transform their end-to-end retail leasing processes–from inception to execution. This required an overhaul of a number of siloed, manual internal processes (such as prospecting and follow-up via spreadsheets) into a streamlined Salesforce-based workflow. Mapping and aligning this process across internal departments yielded a vastly improved data and object hierarchy for properties, units, leases, opportunities, accounts and contacts.

The internal result of the foundational engagement was unlocking real-time insights into the leasing pipeline across a multitude of dimensions–suites, floors, asset type, geography and more. The result: enabling Howard Hughes to make data informed decisions quickly, instead of reacting to the market.

For tenants, the solution Fortimize created with Howard Hughes completely modernized the customer experience. An elegant customer engagement platform for all leasing and support efforts was developed. And, the process improvements and automations behind the scenes led to faster servicing times, including lease-up and re-lease.

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