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A top 100 US credit union collaborated with Fortimize to reconfigure their Jack Henry Salesforce Integration with MuleSoft. By establishing consistent  processes to transform account data to member data, employees now have a unified view of their members. This empowers the credit union to focus on retaining existing members and attracting new ones through an exceptional experience.

The Challenge

A $4.2 billion financial institution headquartered in the northeastern United states sought a new consulting partner after their initial Salesforce and MuleSoft implementation fell short of expectations. After responding to a request for proposal (RFP), Fortimize was selected to configure a solution that would unlock a 360-degree view of member data, including account types, service request, and transaction disputes.

The Solution

Fortimize and the credit union redesigned the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud integration with Jack Henry Symitar. This transformation changed their data landscape from being account-centric to member-centric, laying the essential foundation for a comprehensive Member-360. This provides the credit union with accurate insights into member relationships and every employee interaction within Salesforce, including accounts, support cases, and household relationships.

With a new data flow established, Fortimize implemented Salesforce workflows to optimize efficiencies in three key areas, enabling employees to monitor each member’s interaction, answer questions, and resolve issues. 

  • Indirect Auto Financing: Previously managed outside of Salesforce, the credit union had no visibility into members with loans from dealers. Now, with an enhanced Salesforce solution, indirect dealers can track their opportunities with the dealers they manage and log calls and activities against applicable dealer records. This improves transparency in the indirect lending process and enables the credit union to see potential ROI from dealerships selling the most loans.
  • Select Employee Groups (SEGs): Tracking business partners that offered membership eligibility to employees (e.g., businesses, schools, or churches) didn’t exist previously. Now, the credit union can create leads in Salesforce for select employee groups, convert them to accounts, and have known contacts roll into those accounts. This allows the credit union to track them as potential members and market to them with personalized offers and services.
  • Transaction Dispute Management: By building a transaction dispute management workflow within Financial Services Cloud, the credit union quickens response times and reduces errors. An intuitive dispute intake form that integrates with Jack Henry Symitar allows employees to capture dispute data, select multiple transactions, and gather details through a customizable questionnaire. It also enables representatives to handle requests like fee waivers and loan modifications more effectively.

The Results

The credit union has successfully implemented data governance best practices, enabling them to quickly validate and clean account data on demand. With renewed confidence in their data and improved business processes, employees can now focus on delivering timely, accurate, and personalized experiences to members, both online and in branches.

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