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CASTO is a full-service real estate firm offering commercial, residential, and community real estate solutions throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. Their portfolio includes nearly 26 million square feet of retail across eight states.

Innovation is a pivotal driver of business growth, a concept fully embraced by CASTO’s development and leasing teams. Recognizing the opportunity at hand, they sought to enhance their service to tenants, associates, owners, and communities by identifying inefficiencies within their aging technology and disconnected business operations. After evaluating PropTech options, custom in-house technology solutions, and various CRMs, CASTO turned to Salesforce and Fortimize. This decision was fueled by their desire to optimize operations through a unified platform for leasing and development, ultimately streamlining the end-to-end leasing process.

We've implemented a world-class tenant relationship management system, providing us with unprecedented visibility into our entire leasing and development deal flow. By making this process transparent and emphasizing key milestones and deadlines, we've ensured that nothing will be overlooked.”


CASTO’s journey towards digital transformation began years ago when they acknowledged the inefficiencies of their deal management workflows. Martin Moehring, VP of Process, Innovation, and Operations led a team tasked with identifying outdated leasing processes and systems while seeking partnerships to enhance productivity.

Moehring explained, “Our deal tracking spanned multiple, disconnected systems. We required a solution that would enhance visibility throughout the leasing and development lifecycle.”

Through extensive research, CASTO explored off-the-shelf PropTech solutions that offered the right workflows but lacked customization and integration with MRI Software. Following an initial evaluation of Salesforce, their team initiated in-house CRM development, only to later determine it was an inefficient use of time. It wasn’t until CASTO engaged with various real estate CIOs and conducted a careful assessment of the pros and cons of multiple CRMs that they recognized Salesforce as the ideal solution.


Having no prior Salesforce experience, CASTO sought a partner with extensive real estate expertise capable of translating their vision into a world-class solution. Through their collaboration with Fortimize, they gained a 360° view of the leasing and development lifecycle using Sales Cloud, a one-way MRI integration to Salesforce, and personalized reports and dashboards.


The development and leasing teams can now efficiently manage contacts, prospects, tenant outreach, task management, and critical dates within a single system, enabling them to move deals forward quickly while providing exceptional customer service.

CASTO looks forward to further enhancing cross-departmental collaboration and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the business through the exploration of additional Salesforce products, as well as data and analytics solutions.

Moehring shared, “Seeing the solution in action for our business instills confidence in our decision to partner with Salesforce and Fortimize over other PropTech products.”

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