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Client Stories

“I knew immediately that Fortimize was the right partner for us because we have similar values…place the client first and provide a top-notch experience for that client.”

Valerie Murray, President, Beacon Trust

“Fortimize takes the time to get to know your needs and helps you implement a solution… in my case that gets me to bottom line results.”

Marcus Bontrager, EVP Call Center Operations, Freedom Mortgage

“One of the things we really enjoyed about working with Fortimize was the expertise from the top levels of the company right on down to the front line folks”

William Teichman, Senior Director, Strategic Operations, Kimco Realty

“Not only did they listen to our ideas, they were able to come back to us with ideas that actually made the first go-around of the app better than it would have been if we had done it ourselves.”

Tom Parisi, CIO, Stonehenge