Managing Insurance Renewals on Salesforce with FiveM and Fortimize Accelerator

In the insurance industry, underwriters bear an important responsibility for appropriately managing the evolving risk within their renewal books, doing so accurately, efficiently and competitively. Leveraging FiveM and their experience in insurance, along with Fortimize and their technology expertise in Salesforce, we’ve developed solutions like our Insurance Renewal Accelerator, which is transforming the management of […]

Fortimize Focus: Accelerating Digital Engagement Recap

On October 7th our Fortimize Focus webinar series came to life with our first session, Accelerating Digital Engagement. Jim Collins, Fortimize’s new Senior Advisory Board member and banking industry expert, hosted a panel of senior executives from community and regional banks to share exactly how their organizations were able to navigate this year’s challenges. We […]

Timely Banking Solutions: CARES Act & SBA Lending

Timely Banking Solution. The CARES Act has allotted $350 billion to support approximately 30 million qualifying small businesses in the US to keep workers employed. The SBA Paycheck Protection Program provides eligible businesses with 100% federally guaranteed loans and opportunity for loan forgiveness. The SBA is funding the program however, banks are executing the loans. […]

Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins