Fortimize Focus: Accelerating Digital Engagement Recap

On October 7th our Fortimize Focus webinar series came to life with our first session, Accelerating Digital Engagement. Jim Collins, Fortimize’s new Senior Advisory Board member and banking industry expert, hosted a panel of senior executives from community and regional banks to share exactly how their organizations were able to navigate this year’s challenges. We […]

On-Demand Webinar: Pain Points Examined For Streamlined Lending

Join Fortimize and Hawthorn River in this on-demand webinar focused on digital lending. You’ll walk away with an understanding of solutions to resolve challenges that have plagued your organization’s loan origination process both now, during a time of crisis, and in the past. Key Points Meet Overwhelming Data Requirements & Regulatory Changes Flawlessly Execute Last-minute Loan Changes […]

Now is the Time to Lay a Digital Foundation for the Future

The current COVID-19 pandemic is changing many aspects of the way our society operates. The current climate has made it clear that efficient, responsive service backed by quickly scalable processes and systems is more critical than ever before.  Consider some of the effects the current public health crisis is having on banks and non-bank lending […]

Virtual Banking: Engage Customers Where They Are

The past decade has seen a major shift in the digital makeup of banks both big and small. It’s no surprise that today’s current environment will dramatically change how banks go to market with consumers in a digital world. Banks that will thrive in this environment are adopting business strategies that meet the demands of […]

Timely Banking Solutions: CARES Act & SBA Lending

Timely Banking Solution. The CARES Act has allotted $350 billion to support approximately 30 million qualifying small businesses in the US to keep workers employed. The SBA Paycheck Protection Program provides eligible businesses with 100% federally guaranteed loans and opportunity for loan forgiveness. The SBA is funding the program however, banks are executing the loans. […]

On-Demand Webinar: Transforming Front Line Service Through Data-Driven Insights

Hear from Fortimize and Salesforce in this on-webinar focused on banking technology. You’ll walk away understanding: The impact of customer data being available on the platform and how it impacts the success of a CRM implementation. The necessity of secure data integration on business continuity plans. How integration to core banking works and what steps to take to […]

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud as a Hub for Integration

In 2005, I was working as an independent consultant when a client of mine asked me to perform an integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. I wasn’t really familiar with Salesforce prior to that point, but after that project, I was hooked.   One of the things I love about my role at Fortimize is the ability […]

FinTech, Traditional Banking, and the Scramble to Innovate

The continuous evolution of FinTech and the push toward innovative technology solutions within the financial industry in the last decade-plus have opened new possibilities in the world of finance. FinTech has also left many traditional financial institutions lagging behind, wondering where to even begin the process of modernizing their systems. This can be even more […]

Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins