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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud as a Hub for Integration

In 2005, I was working as an independent consultant when a client of mine asked me to perform an integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. I… Read more »

WFH Tips: Working from Home in Financial Services

You’ve just started working from home and this is all foreign and new to you. Fear not! I have worked onsite in offices with commutes… Read more »

FinTech, Traditional Banking, and the Scramble to Innovate

The continuous evolution of FinTech and the push toward innovative technology solutions within the financial industry in the last decade-plus have opened new possibilities in… Read more »

Is Your Business Prepared for Unexpected Remote Work?

In the ever-developing world of business, you can’t be stalled by the unexpected. Can your team succeed in a virtual business environment? Yes, many jobs… Read more »

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At Fortimize, we highlight the amount of time we spend with one another by including shout-outs and recognition to one another every single day on our team huddles.

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Top 10 Dreamforce Sessions for Real Estate Professionals

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