On-Demand Webinar: Pain Points Examined For Streamlined Lending

June 10, 2020


Join Fortimize and Hawthorn River in this on-demand webinar focused on digital lending. You’ll walk away with an understanding of solutions to resolve challenges that have plagued your organization’s loan origination process both now, during a time of crisis, and in the past.

Key Points

  • Meet Overwhelming Data Requirements & Regulatory Changes
  • Flawlessly Execute Last-minute Loan Changes
  • Gain Transparency and Executive Insight into Your Loan Process

Discover valuable insights from longtime bankers with a passion for transforming the industry through technology.


Darcy Rippon, Banking & Lending Practice Director, Fortimize
Jon Rigsby, CEO, Hawthorn River

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Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins