Meeting the Challenges of Financial Services: Fortimize Launches Delivery as a Service

April 26, 2023


In an increasingly competitive landscape, financial services organizations are tasked with staying agile and innovative to meet changing customer expectations and regulatory requirements, while also managing operational efficiency and risk. As the industry evolves, so should the technologies and services that support them. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Delivery as a Service (DaaS). At Fortimize, our newest service enables clients to realize the full potential and value of their Salesforce platform and integrations.

Unlike conventional Managed Services, which focuses on maintaining implementations and responding to requests and tickets, we’ve taken a proactive approach that is rooted in people, process, and technology. 

We caught up with Vicky Smith, Delivery as a Service Practice Leader, to learn more about this service and how clients are accelerating their growth on Salesforce.

First off, tell us about yourself and why you joined Fortimize?

I’ve been in the consulting business for over 15 years, most recently as the VP of Consulting and Professional Services at Shift CRM. I joined Fortimize because I found like minded people who align to my philosophy of people and change management first, technology second. I’m also a mother of two amazing girls and am passionate about supporting women in technology.


What is Delivery as a Service (DaaS) and why did Fortimize create a new service category?

The whole goal of Delivery as a Service is to understand our client’s business goals, build a technology roadmap that supports those efforts, and work together to drive results. We offer a consistent team–with predictable spend–to build, design and integrate solutions based on current priorities.

We created DaaS to tackle common client frustrations like not knowing the full capabilities of the Salesforce platform, having consultant turnover between projects, a lack of project flexibility when business priorities change and the associated cost with those changes.

Ultimately, clients don’t want reactive or inflexible consulting services. They need proactive and strategic thought partners who know the industry and can turn business goals–no matter how ambitious–into reality.


What types of clients are finding value in Delivery as a Service, and how has this support model helped them accelerate their business goals?

Right now, we’re helping a diverse group of financial services clients spanning banks, credit unions, wealth management firms and real estate organizations. 

A top 100 credit union in the United States purchased Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and MuleSoft but didn’t have accurate or real-time data coming from their core. Throughout our DaaS engagement, we’ve given them up-to-date data as Client profiles load at their branches. This helps them create a seamless experience for both employees and members.

Another example is a current real estate customer who had limited data on lease pipeline. By improving the workflow and using Salesforce, we were able to give them real-time insights into the leasing pipeline across a multitude of dimensions such as suites, floors, asset type, and geography. This enabled more accurate forecasting for executives and leadership team members.

One win theme that is top-of-mind for everyone, is how to align people, process, and technology to case management and service requests so clients can create a frictionless experience between employees and customers.


Is Delivery as a Service designed for post go-live Salesforce implementations, or when can clients engage Fortimize for DaaS?

Fortimize Delivery as a Service is designed to help clients at any point in their business and technology journey–whether they are brand new to Salesforce or have an existing instance. Our program allows clients to completely outsource the support or grow their team at their own pace. That’s really the beauty of DaaS–we can create a flexible solution for each client’s unique needs.


For those interested in learning more, what material can they read or who can they connect with?

Take a look at our Delivery as a Service ebooks! Built with industry expertise in mind – check out either our banking or real estate ebook. Feel free to also send our team a note. We’ll follow-up with you in 1 business day.

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