Virtual Banking: Engage Customers Where They Are

April 16, 2020


The past decade has seen a major shift in the digital makeup of banks both big and small. It’s no surprise that today’s current environment will dramatically change how banks go to market with consumers in a digital world.

Banks that will thrive in this environment are adopting business strategies that meet the demands of virtual consumers to provide them with services during and outside of banking hours.

Virtual Bank Versus Online Banking

Virtual banking combines the best aspects of self-service in mobile channels and direct “at the window” service. This is a new channel of communication with modern consumers who want the ability to contact a bank employee virtually through video, audio, and chat channels while maintaining a direct contact option.

This goes beyond the limits of typical online banking services like account information and mobile deposit.

Banking Solutions for the Connected Virtual Bank

  • Salesforce Communities for tracking and submitting new customer service cases. Customers can access their bank online to schedule safe deposit box appointments or request an appointment with their lender. 
  • Scheduling appointments has never been easier with Lightning Scheduler. Whether it is in person or on the phone, keeping in touch through virtual channels with their banking relationships is just as personal.
  • You know your customers’ full banking relationship and now they can understand the entire Banking Team that supports them. Showcase your customers’ commercial banker, treasury officer, financial consultant, and more.
  • Customer Service Centers are more connected than ever before with live chat functionality to answer questions on the go and increase case resolution efficiencies.
  • Product Status – Create a seamless experience for new accounts and lending workflows to surfaces statuses and communications.
  • Extend your bank communications with key information and corporate alerts

Fortimize & Salesforce Expertise to Connect the Back-end with the Front Line

CX360 is a Fortimize accelerator for Banks that focuses on creating a holistic view of the customer banking experience. Leveraging Salesforce Financial Services Cloud out-of-the-box functionality and data architecture, CX360 has the ability to integrate with core banking platforms to reduce time-to-value enabling your organization to quickly realize ROI from your Salesforce investment. 

Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution

A virtual bank doesn’t need to happen all at once. Develop a roadmap that meets the criteria of what your bank needs right now and build out how your virtual bank will evolve over time. This will enable you to become the best bank to virtually meet the needs and expectations of your customers, employees, and stakeholders now and in the future.

Fortimize has an insider’s understanding of bankers’ unique needs, in-depth experience integrating core banking platforms, and proven solutions on the Salesforce and Financial Services Cloud Platform. Connect with us today to learn more about creating digital experiences for your customers or to see a demo.

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