Fortimize Partners With TaskRay Open to Support Financial Services Organizations as They Return to Offices and Properties

June 8, 2020


Fortimize is excited to share that we’ve partnered with TaskRay to help our customers and community re-open facilities to their employees and customers safely.  

As State and Local leaders begin to relax restrictions put in place to limit the impact of COVID-19, corporate leaders are tasked with balancing the ability to do business effectively with the risks of the ongoing pandemic.  No one wants to be responsible for a spike in infections, yet they also cannot afford to be left behind as others continue to expand the capacity to return to work.

Banks Grow Availability of In-Office Services

The banking industry faces unique challenges as you re-open lobbies for business and reconfigure teller lines to accommodate an increase in socially distanced traffic.  Delayed spring promotions need to be pulled off the shelf, loan officers need to revisit stalled deals from the March/April pipeline, and PPP loan forgiveness guidelines will need to be evaluated and consistently executed in the coming months.  Executing on all this, while your staff learns to survive the new rules of the office, is like repairing an airplane while you try to land it.

Real Estate Firms and Property Managers Navigate Risks of Facility Management

The real estate industry faces a unique degree of risk as they welcome tenants back to locations across different cities with different local restrictions.  You need to be able to demonstrate that your employees are following applicable safety protocols as they open locations to tenants.  At the same time, you must educate and coordinate with your tenants to ensure they understand and adhere to local health guidelines.  Executing on this new mode of business adds tangible cost to your operation at a time when cash flow is crippled due to the economic impact of COVID-19.  You can’t afford to stop everything while your team figures out the new rules and regulations, but you can’t afford not to.

We are helping pandemic response teams mitigate these risks and adapt to the “new normal” of business, by operationalizing and automating pandemic response plans.  The most important part of the process is to confirm the specific challenges your business faces, and the impact of failure to rise to the occasion. 

Connect with us today to learn how we can support you as your business gets back to work.

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