Managing Insurance Renewals on Salesforce with FiveM and Fortimize Accelerator

In the insurance industry, underwriters bear an important responsibility for appropriately managing the evolving risk within their renewal books, doing so accurately, efficiently and competitively. Leveraging FiveM and their experience in insurance, along with Fortimize and their technology expertise in Salesforce, we’ve developed solutions like our Insurance Renewal Accelerator, which is transforming the management of […]

ERP and Salesforce Integrations: MuleSoft Unifies Real Estate Data

The single biggest driver for delivering real estate technology projects on time and within budget hinges on one key element: seamless integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. As real estate organizations aspire to deliver digital and user-centric experiences, scalable ERP and Salesforce integrations become an imperative, not a luxury. Why You Should Integrate Your […]

Creating Seamless Group Benefits Onboarding with Salesforce Solutions

Group Benefits Onboarding, the process of enrolling employees in group insurance plans, is a critical aspect of human resources management. Yet, this process often presents challenges that can hinder efficiency and accuracy, impacting both employers and employees. Challenges Faced: Inaccuracies or errors in managing sensitive employee information can lead to coverage issues or breaches of […]

Delight your Customers with Omni-channel Insurance Service Centers on Salesforce

Delivering exceptional customer service while optimizing internal processes are table stakes when it comes to ‘customer experience.’ Omni-channel Insurance Service Centers, powered by Salesforce’s Financial Service Cloud (FSC) and Experience Cloud, offer a transformative solution to seamlessly manage customer interactions across multiple channels like phone, email, chat, and social media. One of the core challenges […]

Enhancing Insurance Distribution Management with Salesforce Solutions

In the competitive world of insurance sales, effective distribution management is paramount for success. Insurance companies face unique challenges in managing relationships with diverse distribution partners, ensuring regulatory compliance, and navigating complex commission structures. Salesforce offers innovative and simple solutions through products like Financial Service Cloud (FSC), Experience Cloud, and Salesforce Field Service (SFI) to […]

Driving Operational Excellence: Harnessing the Power of PMOs and Scrum Methodologies in Real Estate, Insurance, and Financial Services.

Keeping up with industry demands in real estate, insurance, and financial services, require effective project management around key initiatives and outcomes.. Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Scrum methodologies serve as powerful tools to drive efficiency, collaboration, and innovation within organizations. At Fortimize, we are committed to helping companies in these industries harness the full potential […]

Salesforce Data Cloud Quick Start

Person signing paperwork

Empowering Connected and Personalized Experiences with Salesforce Data Cloud Salesforce Data Cloud has risen to the top, solidifying its position as the go-to technology for the financial services industry. With its seamless connectors and zero-copy integration, Data Cloud provides banks and credit unions with a secure and cost-effective solution to tap into critical customer or […]

7 Pillars of a Data Strategy

Data-driven Success in Financial Services Data is the heartbeat of informed decisions, the cornerstone upon which every successful organization is built. By embracing robust data collection and analysis today, your company can unlock the door to a future powered by intelligent decision-making, with artificial intelligence (AI) leading the charge. To harness the true potential of […]

Exploring Data as the Raw Material of Financial Services

At its heart, the Financial Services industry has always revolved around meeting human needs. While revenue drives its commercial aspect, it’s the people that give these financial institutions (FIs) purpose–which is why the core mission of banks, insurers, and others in the industry centers on acquiring, retaining, and continually finding new ways to serve customers. […]

Thought Leadership Paper

Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry During COVID by Jim Collins