On-Demand Webinar: Investing in Technology in Banking

November 26, 2019


It all starts with an idea.

In banking, your big idea should focus on investing in technology for the long haul to transform your customer AND employee experience. When you start a new project with new technology, you can begin to see all the different technologies that build toward digital transformation for your bank. 

But one question remains, how do you pull all these investments together in order to use it for its proper function that is going to benefit your organization the most and gain the largest ROI? 

Where does a technology transformation begin?

Often times, it starts with questioning how we can make processes better for the bank. A very popular answer is: let’s try Salesforce. From there, people often get confused because of just how much Salesforce has to offer. 

You may not know how to unlock the full potential of what you’ve invested in or intend to invest in. That’s where Salesforce consultants, like Fortimize, come in to help; to be your trusted advisor. Salesforce partners bring Voice, Visibility, and Value to your organization as you look at investing in technology.

Why do we get hung up when choosing technology?

How do we get to where we want to be? Fortimize can help your organization by offering a phased approach implementation for your investment. A phased implementation can help you see how your technology will evolve over time.

If you are looking for guidance to help roadmap your technology investment, Fortimzie also offers comprehensive advisory services to ensure your success.

How do we get over the hurdle of making a decision?

When making a decision, a good place to start would be a cost-benefit analysis. This is an important step because we often see clients become focused on assigning dollars to revenue impact without fully realizing the holistic value across the entire organization. 

Some of the value-realization that you could be missing out on includes overall job performance improvement within different departments. 

At Fortimize and Salesforce, we want the customer to be able to follow a path with as little resistance as possible. 

How do we ensure success after making a decision?

After you’ve gone through all the approval hurdles and you’re ready to get started with your digital transformation, what next? It’s important to map how you are going to ensure success and prove that this worth your bank’s investment. 

Every banker is over-utilized and every resource is being used day-to-day. That’s why you have to make sure that each day some part of your project plan (or digital transformation roadmap) is getting accomplished by the team as a whole. Identify the “project champions” who are playing key roles in the implementation. Incorporate what you are winning each day and allow teams to collaborate with each other. 

When a challenge comes up that multiple teams have expertise in, use your collective mindshare to move your digital transformation forward.

This article is based on a Fortimize and Salesforce on-demand webinar centered around digital transformation success for banks and credit unions.

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