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Peter Yurchison

There is something about moving away from the throng of the city to a quiet countryside. There is more connection to people, a sense of being an important part of the whole community. In a similar way, for this airline pilot-turned financial sales executive, finding Fortimize was like stepping into that quiet countryside. “I wanted to work with a smaller company, one with more visibility across the organization. Also a place that had more impact on clients.”

Fortimize is growing, and making its impact felt. Something Yurchison appreciates about being with the company is the ability to utilize his prior experience and insight, while being engaged in new and dynamic work. “The ability to have an impact across the organization is available to all, regardless of how long you’ve been here.”

Breaking New Ground

Since coming on board, Yurchison has transitioned from the consulting and project delivery side of things, to a sales engineering role. While it may sound like a strange hybrid of professions, the catchy title is emblematic of what he describes as one of the exciting aspects to his work. “I have knowledge and ideas about processes that I can apply from my experience in sales and in finance, but each client is unique.” Providing more technical support to the sales process, he is able to develop relationships with clients through the life-cycle of a project. “It’s nice to develop that relationship,” says Yurchison, “not only for the sake of improving a client’s life, but also for the ability to interact with people and teams across the organization.”

Follow the Leader

He credits company leadership for pulling together the incredible people he gets to work with. Yurchison believes that people “do live the values, not because they are written down, but because they are them.” Coming from other companies that have stated values, he has seen how different things can be in the day-to-day. While he does think stated values are helpful to guide, he doesn’t think something should be written down in order to get people to act the right way in a certain situation.

The people, he reflects, seem more to encompass the company’s values, rather than the company culture imposing itself on the people. There is just something different all around about Fortimize. “I come from a sales background,” Yurchison recounts, “and you’re siloed, stuck meeting your goals or [fulfilling] your role alone. [Here] it’s different; even though there are times when you’re individually responsible for things, there is more emphasis on collaboration, intentional support.” He indeed acknowledges that despite having significant experience, he doesn’t have it all. People utilize each other to provide a broad knowledge base in order to deliver added value to clients.

That is, at least if they don’t all step over each other trying to hurriedly take notes in the same Google Doc…