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Matthew Prieto

This accidental Salesforce developer believes in “letting life tell you what to do, rather than forcing something to work out that may or may not be the right thing.” With a background in finance, sales and real estate, Prieto discovered a hidden talent for IT and desktop support. When a prior company needed someone to manage a Salesforce implementation project, he got involved as it so often happens: he was smart, capable, experienced…and there.

Prieto now has more than 5 years of Salesforce experience in his repertoire. There is still definitely plenty to learn. “It’s interesting to see how to manage different organizations on the solution-provider side; to see different use cases, what the platform can do for clients. I’m excited to be part of it.”

Indeed, Prieto cites a feeling of cohesion in his new home. He describes it as similar to the esprit de corps of a military unit. Even though he hasn’t been with the company as long as some others, he feels that his input is valued.

Jobs and Marriage?

“Taking a job is like being married,” Prieto comments, “it takes commitment.” Before coming to Fortimize, he says that he looked at lots of different companies. What attracted him to Fortimize was the values. He’s experienced some companies that were “big on values,” but they didn’t shape the culture of the workplace much. Another company didn’t even have any sense of how to articulate what made them who they are. He says he wanted to be with a company where solutions were built around what is right, not what would be merely convenient.

The Pursuit of Happiness

It can sound like a marketing pitch, but the ability to leverage technology to make a person’s life better isn’t abstract at Fortimize. The perspective around the statement “we work to live a meaningful life, not just make a living,” caught his attention. The idea of work-life balance is certainly appealing from an employee standpoint. The company takes the idea further in looking at the solutions that get developed as a way for clients to live better also. The point is to help them do more of what they’re good at.

Prieto wanted to find a place he could envision himself for more than just a few years, and Fortimize seems to be it. He is looking forward to tackling the next project that will change the world.