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Kendra Von Achen

Early on in her career this marketing graduate discovered that she had the knack for wrapping her head around databases. It wasn’t long before an opportunity in database administration opened up. She hasn’t looked back since. After running her own consultancy for 8 years, she came to a professional crossroads…with a signpost to Fortimize.

Room To Grow

One of the first few employees at Fortimize, Kendra has had her hands in many things. Today, as a Solutions Consultant, she’s overseeing solutions architects working on the configuration and implementation of a project. She says each day is a bit different, and can require some adaptation. Managing multiple projects and the many moving parts requires “touching” different types of solutions, and thinking in new ways about problems. Finding the right way to go from “A to B” is rewarding to her, though. That goes for supporting one of her team members or a client.

Experience and Relationship Matter

The people certainly make the difference. Whether it is a presentation on data migration best practices during a weekly team meeting, or a quick chat on a messenger app, there is a clear sense of support and entrepreneurial spirit that keeps the company advancing.

Reflecting on how Fortimize has grown in her 4-½ years, the flexible and supportive nature of the organizational culture makes things feel less rigid and bureaucratic, giving the feel of a nimble start-up. A key to success, however, is how values get internalized, modeled and passed along to new team members. As different as people can be, everyone is participating in a shared mission. There may be dozens of opportunities for values like “insisting on integrity” to be worked out every day, but there is no question that it matters at every level.

Knowing who they are as a company allows for the flexibility to change processes, accept new knowledge, be open to different viewpoints, making the company more effective. There isn’t any question about identity. In the view of this solutions consultant, there’s no way to go but up.