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Devin Spence

After a solution is up and running, a client will transition to Managed Services. That’s where she and the rest of the customer success delivery team step in to help a client get the most out of their solution. And she knows about implementing solutions. As a former Salesforce solutions architect, Spence has worked in different industries, including non-profits, direct healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies to implement Salesforce solutions. Some time ago while looking for consulting opportunities Spence got connected to Fortimize and the rest, as they say, is (short-term) history.

Accustomed to working remotely, the remote work flexibility built into the culture at Fortimize was something notable, but more so was the forward-thinking attitude of the leadership. “The company has really good vision. They really assess if someone will adapt to the culture as they hire and interview. They understand their size, and where they want to be—they’re growing to scale. Some companies over-process things and that can be a turn-off to people sometimes. There’s a lot of bright, talented people here, and [the leadership] really values the opinion of their employees.”

Indeed, the atmosphere is casual, in the sense that position doesn’t get in the way of doing the work and delivering value. If the Customer Success Manager has to call up the VP of Revenue and talk through an issue, it isn’t an issue. There is an open air of receptiveness that fosters a collaborative spirit. Spence reflects that as many are so seasoned in what they do, it seems natural that each person is taking the best of what they’ve learned from other experiences and applying that wisdom to their role at Fortimize. Everyone is interested in making the company the best it can be, and understands that at least to some extent each person has a part to play in making that happen.

This sense of professionalism and ownership ultimately drives the quality of the solutions that get delivered to clients. Whether a particular project involves more technical problem-solving or more configuration, whether long-running or rapid development, solutions are best-practice driven. The job of customer success isn’t only helping clients utilize their Salesforce solution, but helping them understand the bigger picture, how decisions made in development could affect downstream decisions and processes internally later. Customer success really does mean successful customers.