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Dan Vonsover

Sitting down to start the day, computer on, he pulls out his tried-and-true legal pad and pen with just the right tip. With the ink flowing, collecting his thoughts, it happens: ping. Notification. No, message from the development team. Another minute and an e-mail response from a prospective client pops in. A wry smile, a sip of coffee, the day has begun.

Dan Vonsover has spent more than a decade managing and buying real estate. As events conspired, he collaborated with Fortimize on project at a prior company and a whole new world of possibilities opened. “Many real estate companies are still working with paper leases, spreadsheets; it’s exciting to bring these solutions to companies that can genuinely benefit from them.” This is what excites him most about his new role.

A Bridge Between Worlds

Since Dan knows about real estate, and has experienced first hand what a custom solution can do, he can effectively approach real estate companies to help them see the light as it were. On the one hand, it might seem like a mere strategic business move to have him on the sales team, but at Fortimize, “we speak your language” means something. Having someone who knows what you’re going through, but has found a way toward a better future is impactful.

Sometimes when you hear the word “sales” images of Glengarry Glen Ross get conjured up. Jack Lemmon in a bar calling up random people out of a phone book trying to sell a fictitious property. In Dan’s professional perspective, however, “there’s a great need out there.” It doesn’t feel like work when you’re meeting a need. It’s one thing to talk about an opportunity and another to earnestly desire to change how a client perceives what is possible.

A Positive Vibe

While he may have a sense of the big picture for prospective clients, Dan is still getting used to navigating the culture at Fortimize. “It’s easy to develop an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality,” he says about collaborating through different applications. “I used to take a lot of notes, and now I hardly see any paper anymore!” In general, though, it seems the people make a difference. Speaking of the CEO, he says “John sets a good, positive vibe and it trickles down. He trusts his people, and puts them in positions to make decisions.” Dan believes that it will pay dividends for the company in the future.